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“My experience and childlike passion and excitement for design is what sets GoodDesign apart from the rest.

My experience crisscrosses over so many facets of this industry that I have developed a fearless approach to solutions and problem-solving. Being able to provide high-level conceptual design, engineer and spec, and produce locally is a huge asset. I think another thing that separates GoodDesign is the open box approach to design, using 2d and 3d design and combining them in a way that is practical, accurate and effective.”

Steve Buchanan

Founder / GoodDesign


GoodDesign is Good for Business

As a Tacoma native, I am truly ecstatic to bring my passion and experience to other Grit City businesses. Helping my customers tell their story in a fresh, modern and unique way. 

GoodDesign is a reliable resource for businesses in Tacoma and the Northwest for all their interior and exterior design, exhibits, as well as 2d and 3d design needs.

After falling in love with signs over 25 years ago, I ventured into the tradeshow and event world. There I learned ways to effectively attract target clients, tell their story, and reinforce a brand on a small stage.

Today I bring those experiences in tradeshow design to you. An effective design makes it clear to your customer, but also the employees of your company, what your brand is all about – removing the guessing game.

Visual first impressions matter and GoodDesign is here to help you get your brand across every time.